Why We Love Metal Butt Plugs

Why We Love Metal Butt Plugs

It’s no secret tons of people love anal play. Booty play has always been one of the most popular fetishes. But to penetrate someone from behind, both partners need to be careful. It’s all fun and games when you watch it play out in porn, but they’re professionals who know how to handle such stuff.

Filled with tons of nerve-endings, the rectal canal is a grand erogenous zone for both men and women. And although it provides a great sensation, it’s still rather narrow and sensitive for you to plow like an A-list porn star. Luckily, with the use of best sex toys like butt plugs, anyone can prepare for the dirtiest action of their life.

Metal Butt Plugs Look Intimidating at First

Just like anal sex for the first-timers, using anal plugs seems a bit too much at first. And how could it not? Inserting a weighty foreign object into your body isn’t something you’d take for granted. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by a new sex toy, designed to prepare you for something you’ve never done before.

But it’s not all doom and gloom here. Taking things easy and starting with the smallest metal plug you can find is critical for further success. One step at a time, and you’ll slowly but surely prepare your body for potential anal intercourse.

They’re Perfect for Temperature Play

One of the best features stainless-steel butt plugs can offer is temperature play. Heating up or cooling a sex toy for couples will provide different sensations. It’s pretty much the same thing as rubbing an ice-cold popsicle or pouring hot wax on your skin. But, your body will react to it in differing ways.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should freeze or burn the damn thing. Playing moderately with temperature will help your rectum relax. There’s no need for unwanted burns or freeze bites. So, try leaving your anal toy in warm or chilly water, it’ll help stimulate your ass way better.

It Has a Good Weight

Another great thing about metal butt plugs is their weight. Their mass will affect the way your behind handles itself. The bigger they come, the more you’ll feel them stick from your ass. And on the other hand, the smaller and lighter, the more you’ll be able to go about your mundane activities.

Once again, it’s important to note that it’s not a wise idea for starters to overestimate their body with jumbo plugs. Start slowly and build your endurance along the way. It’s the only way to keep your hopes of good anal sex alive. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

They’re Beginner-Friendly

The entire point of using butt plugs is to make your ass ready for actual anal intercourse. Like we’ve said, booty play isn’t as painless as it might seem in porn. It takes time for your rectal canal to expand and be prepared for penetration. Using a butt plug bit by bit will make sure you gear up your body for any further action.

Alongside some quality water-based lube, you’ll prepare your opening in no time. It’s important to say that lube is almost a requirement for acts like this. It will loosen up the tension and tightness, allowing even the biggest toys to penetrate.

Different Variety to Choose From

Nowadays, the sex industry is full of all kinds of gems. From powerful bullet vibrators for clitoral stimulation to remote control vibrating cock rings, you can have it all. The same goes for butt plugs. There’s a huge variety of different types to choose from.

But before we introduce some of them, it’s important to say that they all come with a flared bottom. Such a feature is vital since it will prevent the toy from escaping your control and ending up stuck inside you. Believe us — you don’t want to go there. It’s no fun.

Butt plugs come in all sizes, but some of them come in sets of differing classes. That will help you start nice and easy, and slowly build your resilience up. For example, a high-end jewel butt plug will come with a flared bottom, a narrow neck, and an egg-like top. The base can be attached to a lovely fluffy tail. You can browse plenty of metal  butt plugs from this lovegasm lineup.

Likewise, there are remote-controlled plugs. They offer all kinds of rumbly vibrations for your anal walls. They’re cool for people who love to surrender their pleasure into their partner’s hands. With all kinds of vibrating modes, these toys can be used for interactive play with multiple parties involved.

Lastly, there is no such thing as a butt plug for men or women — they are for everyone. They come in all sorts of variations, offering all kinds of thrills before you plunge into penetrative sex. Using them with water-based lubrication will make sure you prepare your booty for the things to come. So, don’t waste your time if you’re willing to try anal out — get a high-quality metal plug now.