When we closed our video rental store because of low to zero sales, all the treasured memories we had in the video-rental era came flashing back. We entered the digital age where streaming movies and TV shows reign, and we are not resisting that. That is why we decided to keep this website as a memoir of the golden days when we used to browse through a library of good titles for countless Saturday movie nights with family and friends.

Videofreebrooklyn.com will give you throwback feels as we share articles and images of our time renting movies instead of streaming them. Prepare to feel nostalgic as we talk about our favorite movies. We also provide recommendations for your movie night (though you will probably stream it), and we promise that it will give you all the nostalgic feels.

Today, there are still a few video rental stores which are still operational. We are still hopeful. Just like how the vinyl records are making a comeback, we know that DVDs will also be back sooner than we all think.