Month: August 2020

Why We Love Metal Butt Plugs

It’s no secret tons of people love anal play. Booty play has always been one of the most popular fetishes. But to penetrate someone from behind, both partners need to be careful. It’s all fun and games when you watch it play out in porn, but they’re professionals who know how to handle such stuff.

Filled with tons of nerve-endings, the rectal canal is a grand erogenous zone for both men and women. And although it provides a great sensation, it’s still rather narrow and sensitive for you to plow like an A-list porn star. Luckily, with the use of best sex toys like butt plugs, anyone can prepare for the dirtiest action of their life.

Metal Butt Plugs Look Intimidating at First

Just like anal sex for the first-timers, using anal plugs seems a bit too much at first. And how could it not? Inserting a weighty foreign object …